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Hanuman Anjanasoonur Vayu Puthro Mahabala!
Rameshta Phalguna Sakha Pingakshomita Vikramah
Udadhikramana schaiva Seethasoka Vinasanah
Lakshmana pranadaata cha Dasagreevasya darppaha!

From times immemmorial, the bountiful grace and blessings of Sri alathiyoor Hanuman have been invoked, and experienced by millions of devotees all around the world. It is believed that alathiyoor Perumthikovil ('Hanuman Kavu') Temple was erected and consecrated by Sage Vasishta, who is prominent among the Saptarshis, some 3000 years ago.

Long ago, the alathiyoor Grama Namboodiri was in possession of this Temple. Afterwards it was taken over by Vettath Raja. A little later, the Zamorin Raja of Kozhikode took over the management of this temple. Presently, the temple continues to be administered by His Highness Zamorin Raja of Calicut.
A very special and significant Hanuman Temple
The alathiyoor Perumthrikovil Temple is special to its devotees for very many reasons. Sree Rama is the Presiding Deity here. The daily puja-rituals, offerings by devotees, and the spectacular annual Temple Festival – all are held in honour of the Presiding Deity, Sree Rama. However, the devotees popularly refer to this temple, the ‘Hanuman Kavu’ Temple. And, in a way, it symbolizes the triumph of the supreme strength of Bhakti of Sree Hanuman as an ideal, which overshadows the presiding deity, Lord Sree Rama.
The Sree Kovil of Sree Rama at alathiyoor
Here, Sree Rama is visualized as the Maryada-Purushothaman- he is separated from his beloved consort, Sita, by the mighty Ravana who has abducted her to Lanka. Sree Rama is seen entrusting Hanuman the possible task of locating the whereabouts of Sita. Sree Rama confides to Hanuman about how to look for Sita in Lanka. Hanuman, now, only has to cross the vast and formidable sea that separates Lanka from the main land. Thirty three Crore Gods have gathered to witness this significant Act. It is an act in which the Avatar-purush Sree Rama seeks the assistance of his bhakta, Hanuman. All the Gods bestow Hanuman with their enormous strength, so that he succeeds in his mission. For Hanuman, this is very significant moment. And hence, his pre-eminence at alathiyoor.
Sree Kovil of Hanuman
The temple of Sri Hanuman is adjacent to the main Temple of Sree Rama. Sree Hanuman stands leaning a little towards the left, to hear his master’s words. Sree Rama is confiding in Hanuman the cue-word ( Abhignana Vaakyam ) that would enable him to gain the confidence of Sita. Hanuman has a mace in his hand. The numerous Gods bestowed their enormous power on Sree Hanuman. He is all set to accomplish his mission, which is seeking the whereabouts of Sita. Here he is the personification of divine strength, confidence, concentration of purpose, Bhakti, and above all humility. He is the symbol of supreme self-sacrifice. He seems to be assuring Sree Rama: “Your wish is my command”. Devotees of Hanuman throng to this temple to make their wishes and be heard by the mighty Hanuman.
A darling guardian of children
Sree Hanuman of alathiyoor is a darling-guardian of children; besides, he eliminates all mental agonies of his devotees and fulfils their hearts’ desires. In almost all Hindu families in Kerala, children pray to Sri Hanuma when they go to bed as follows :
“Oh dear Hanuman of alathiyoor,
Kindly keep bad reams away from us
And if we were to be haunted by bad dreams
Do please wake us up by gently tapping us with your tails”.
It is believed that those who recite this verse before going to bed will not have bad dreams.
Devotees emulate Hanuman and cross the formidable sea of Troubles at alathiyoor
There is a platform to commemorate Sri Hanuman’s mighty leap to Lanka over the sea. There is a long granite stone at one end of this platform and it symbolizes the sea. Devotees com running and leap over this long stone. By doing this, auspicious result is expected especially for the better health and life of children.
Hanuman’s Special Prasadam
The favourite offering of Sree Hanuman is “Wet Avil ( Pothi Avil)” and another important offering is “Kadalai” plantain.
Sree Kovil of Lakshmana
Sree Lakshmana is positioned to the West, within the temple complex but a few meters away from Sree Rama, outside the periphery of Naalambalam. It is believed that Sree Lakshmana was keeping himself at a small distance away, deliberately. Presumably to avoid being privacy to cue-word ( Abhignana Vaakyam ) that Sree Rama was confidint in Hanuman.
Growing Popularity
There was a time when the temple was finding it difficult to sustain even the daily puja rituals as per requirement of the traditions. The immense discipline of the Temple management and the ever-growing support of the Devotees have indeed turned this temple into a very vibrant center of spiritual rejuvenation in the recent years. People from all walks of life and background and all corners of the world that include various leaders in different fields of public life, throng to the Hanuman Temple seeking blessings of Sree Hanuman.
The temple is located in a serene and idyllic place called Poilissery ( alathiyoor ), about 7 kms from Tirur railway Station, in Malappuram district in Kerala. In this temple complex, there are separate stand-alone Sree Kovils for Sree Rama, the presiding deity, Sree Hanuman, the messenger, Lakshmana, Ganapathi, Mahavishnu, Bagavathy and Ayyappa.

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